Another Day

Yes, I’ve been known to quit a job b/c I was unable to work 2 at the same time. Or maybe I was getting sexually harassed and after reporting it not a damn thing happened. Friends I worked with laughed and poked fun since I filed the harassment. Whatever.

I was working at a local call center. Horrible place. My second time working there. I was an undesirable. I hated my job, but I made the best of it. I smiled and I was nice to my customers. I did what I was supposed to do. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough. My immediate supervisor was always going way over the threshold of creepiness in a work place. Not HR appropriate at all! I always walked away. Finally I filed a form against him through my HR dept. Low and behold…nothing happened. I signed a few papers. They kept him as my immediate supervisor. No changes were made. I got fired. Misconduct. I didn’t threaten anyone. I didn’t go against policy. I went through the chain of command. I was a hard worker and I was always getting the job done correctly and efficiently. No complaints from customers. Misconduct. UGH. That was how my March 5th was going.

Although I still may be unemployed, I am so happy to be away from that place! I smiled all the way home on that beautiful sunny day. The hubbs was kinda upset over the whole thing but he got over it real fast. Co…I mean EXCO-workers were upset and pissed. My friend was like EH.

Other than that silly drama, I’ve been planting some veggies and starting a veggie garden. I am setting them up in containers that my husband is going to build for me. My garden is going to be fabulous!

My sister is also opening up her own shop called BETTIEVILLE. It’s in the local Chattanooga area. It will be open at the end of April. I’ve never been more proud of my sister. She deserves it. Check out her page on facebook

You’ll love it once it’s open! Believe me. She’s going to have some fantabulous items.


I married a 3rd shifter…

Well..not knowingly. So Mike just started third shift and I’m lacking the right amount of sleep to be the positive momma and wife I should be. Nothing is so very bad in my life, but when you’re tired from lack of sleep it seems that every small, miniscule, teeny problem is a ginormous issue. Like today, for example, my hair dryer AND straightener blew up! Really! I dried my hair and started to straighten my bangs. Upon setting the straightener back down on my bathroom counter they both popped and sparked really big and died. Oh hell.

I did get to go to my mom and dad’s house to spend a few hours and eat a bunch of fattening foods. Not like I need it. Speaking of not needing fat food, Mike and I signed up for the biggest loser at his work. I’m super excited and I am begging him to let me join a gym that I can have a personal trainer with. The first time I went to the gym where this personal trainer works was oh so fabulous. I threw my guts up twice and still wanted to push further. Oh so fun. I need that type of motivation. I’ll also have a free membership to the gym from his work. Which that will be especially nice when I get off work. I can just drive up to the gym and work out and then come home to cook a healthy supper. SWEET.

So did I mention the whole 3rd shift thing is so not for me. I don’t dig the whole sleeping alone. I love the snoring and random freak outs and bed/cover/pillow stealing from him.

Tomorrow I will be making my own little pasta with light homemade sauce for supper (of course a huge salad) ;). Here is the link to the recipe. I am going to make it light so half of the recipe really. We are only eating a little bit.

Oh don’t that look yummy!

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Bedtime Blues

We’ve started having bedtime blues tonight because we can’t watch a movie while falling asleep. Mickey is very upset that I wont turn her movies back on. I read her whatever books she wanted and fixed her hair and laid her down with lots of hugs and kisses and promises of ice cream dreams. She’s pissed.

On the other hand, she did eat everything I put on her plate tonight! I cooked some great baked ziti that most kids should love since it’s just like spaghetti but with better noodles and lots of cheese! For mommas baked ziti:

1 Box of ziti (or any other kind of fun noodles)
2 jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce
1/2lb-1lb of ground turkey or ground beef or even a mix of ground beef and ground Italian sausage!
Shredded cheese

To make said baked ziti:
Heat oven to 400. Place uncooked noodles into large deep pan – no need to cook the noodles they will cook in the oven. Brown your meat and season it with whatever you would like. I like to use virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onions finely chopped. Next drain the yuck out of your meat and add your jars of sauce to your meat. Use one of your NOW empty jars from your sauce to fill it up with water and add that to your meat and sauce mixture. You can add 2 jars full of water if you like it saucey. Mix it very well. Pour the mixture on top of your noodles and stir a bit to make sure all the noodles are covered. Cover your dish with aluminum foil and bake for 45 minutes or until all the noodles are soft. Take it out of the oven and uncover. Go ahead and put the aluminum foil to the side we will use it with a side dish. Add your cheese of choice to the top all over and place it back in the oven to melt and brown. You can melt/brown the cheese as long as you want just make sure you don’t over cook.

For your side dish, which is fabulous, I made zucchini, squash, and carrot bake. I cut the zucchini and squash in to 1/2″ pieces and shredded the carrots over the top. I added olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to the tops and used my aluminum foil from the ziti to place over it and cook it while the cheese was melting and browning for the ziti. I just made sure the veggies were easy to cut up and eat. When they were at my liking I added a small amount of cheese to the top and melted it. Personally I would have mixed this in with my sauce, but my husband doesn’t like veggies and would complain about it so eh I just made it for a side dish. We also had a small garden salad with our choice of dressing on the side for an appetizer.

I haven’t been a stay at home mom for a while and with our crazy schedules from when I was working, I didn’t have time to cook. By the time I would get home from work it was time to put Mickey in bed. She would eat dinner at her grandparents house so Mike and I would just eat whatever we could find here. It wasn’t healthy at all. Mickey loved the baked ziti and the veggies. My child is not a veggie lover. She does love salad though and I am trying to introduce her to more and more veggies so she can learn healthy eating habits.

This is very important for all parents out there. I’m not saying I am perfect because I am definitely far from perfect at anything. I do let my kid eat McDonalds. I let her eat cookies! I let her drink Sprite. OMG!!! I am not a bad parent for that. I am let my daughter make some decisions for herself. I mean she is 4 years old and she needs to learn decision making. I let her choose from 2 things in all categories in life. Let your kid be a kid. Let them decide. They might not always make the right choice…but when they learn from their mistakes, they will see how proud you are of them. They will be proud of their selves!

Now go give your hugs and kisses to your kids and spouses/significant others and be proud of them no matter what they do. They depend on you! Love them and they will always love you back.

Night fellow mommas and daddio’s in the world!

School life is the cool life

We’ve started Pre-K! Yeah I say all 3 of us even though Mickey is the one doing all the school comings and goings. We all have changed our schedules around to fit her school life. We are all super excited! We (mostly the wonderful ME) have decided to become healthier so we can live a long and fun life. You see, my husband is not very fond of living on the healthy side of life. He is all about food…BUT so am I!! I love food. I am just worried my fat kid card will be revoked and I will no longer get to be part of the cool kids. Damnit. DAMNIT ALL TO HELL! hahaa. Just kidding. But seriously! I love food! I came up with a list of healthy foods to start off with and I told my husband that now that I am at home (because I was part of a BIG lay off situation from my previous employer…) I am the one that goes to the grocery store. I am the one that cooks the food. I am the one that chooses what we have in the house.


He was like, “Well yeah but I don’t like vegetables…” I don’t care fat man…I don’t care.

Besides all of that I of course make my own laundry detergent and I have been making body scrubs for a long time now. I have always loved making household items and beauty products so this is all just a fun time for me! One of my sisters is the same way. She loves to make home made products to use because they are safe and they are all natural. Guess that is just the hippie part of us that is trying to come out. Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from throwing out my electrical components and I would die if I didn’t have a warm shower or hot bath to sit in. I can’t stand going without washing my hair. I just like to be frugal. Especially since we are in this bit of a predicament that made us have little to no money.

So since we are starting pre-k and starting a new life of being healthy and cooking well and having more family time (when my husband isn’t off assisting in the saving of lives) I will let everyone know the steps we take on our adventure to being better.

I have plenty of recipes and once I get to the store to grab some of the ingredients I’ll make some things and show you how to make them. Many things work a lot better then store bought items and it’s cheaper to use and it lasts a lot longer. This is wonderful news coming from a momma of a pre-k kid that loves to play in the mud!

For now here is a wonderful happy picture of our first day in school!

Out side the classroom ready to learn!

Out side the classroom ready to learn!